Halloween: Don't Miss A Trick

Image By Julia Freeman-Woolpert. From FreeImages.

Traditionally popular in America, Halloween is now big news in the UK. It is the third biggest retail event of the year behind Christmas and Easter surpassing other traditional events such as Valentine’s Day and Bonfire Night.


Last year more than half of people in the UK spent money on Halloween with an estimated £419m being spent on the festival – a rise of 5% on 2017. In fact, spending on Halloween actually increased by a whopping 3000% between 2001 and 2015!


The driving force behind the popularity is coming from those who grew up in the 1990s onwards with 77% of millennials and 85% of parents with young children paying out on Halloween in 2018. This trend can be put down largely to the growth in popularity of ‘trick or treating’ for children during the 1990s. These children are now adults, possibly with children of their own, who continue to enjoy celebrating the festival.


It’s All About The Experience

Halloween is not only a money-maker for the retail industry but is also an important part of the tourism calendar too.


There has been a shift in spending habits in recent years with people spending their money on experiences rather than things. Known as the “Experience Economy” people are choosing to spend money on sightseeing, theatre trips and eating out over material items. And then they like to share their experiences on social media! Halloween has done very well out of this trend.


Although traditional celebrations like trick or treating are still very popular, more and more people are taking part in Halloween-themed events at attractions across the UK. Whether it’s an event designed to terrify guests, a spooky performance or simply Halloween themed-crafts it is sure to draw in the sales.


The big UK theme parks are leading the way with evermore extravagant events each year designed to entice guests out into the cold autumnal weather before they close for the winter – take at look at this year’s offerings here.


Give Your Guests A Treat

As Halloween continues to grow in popularity now is good time to jump on the band-wagon (if you haven’t already!) and join in the festivities.


Give your guests an experience worth sharing and you’re on to a winner – not only will it help to boost your admission numbers, but it’ll also provide ample material for your guests to share on social media too.


And if you’re a ticket re-seller Halloween events are a great selling point for you as well. Make sure you familiarise yourself with what your attractions have planned and be sure to let your guests know about it. They’ll appreciate the inside knowledge and a boost in sales will mean a boost in commission….


So, whether you’re a fan or not, it looks like Halloween has cemented itself as part of the British culture and is here to stay. For the tourism industry it provides an opportunity to be creative and have a little fun with your guests which can also deliver an important boost to sales at the beginning of the low season months.