Open Pass Version 3 Upgrade

At the start of the year we launched a beta of Open Pass – Open Pass Version 3. Open Pass v3 enables attractions to sell tickets directly using our Global Market Place.


Since it’s launch we have successfully trialled 8 attractions in Cambridge and have generated 36,000 ticket sales which has amounted to over £500,000 of revenue for the attractions!


And now following on from the successful trial we are preparing to launch v3 across all our regions and are offering all our attractions a free upgrade.

Accessing The Open Pass Marketplace

The ability to use our Ticket Exchange and Global Marketplace will be part of the free upgrade to Open Pass v3.


This will include access to our global partners – including Trip Advisor, Expedia and Klook who we have recently partnered with as part of our expanding network –  as well as valuable local sales channels such as hotels and VICs.


The option to use the Open Pass Marketplace will be available later in the year and beyond choosing which sales partners to work with there is nothing that needs to be done, and no cost to the attractions.

Setting Up and Usage

Getting set up on Open Pass v3 is simple, and once an attraction is live Open Pass handles all the contracts, issues tickets and then pays them the following month. Open Pass tickets can be verified by front desk staff using the exact same admission process as passes. There is minimal hassle and our friendly team will provide any training required.


One Contract – Multiple Channels
We want to make it easy for our attractions to sell across multiple channels. We set up one contract with Open Pass and which then connects the attraction to hundreds of different sellers and markets.


We offer detailed reporting so it is possible to read the data from the different channels and see where the ticket sales are coming from.


Earn More Commission
Generally, our attractions receive 75-80% of their entrance fee. We pay them directly each month via BACS.


Open Pass v3 provides a fantastic opportunity to make an attraction available to new and wider audiences with minimal inconvenience to the management and staff.


If you’d like to find out more about upgrading to v3, or if you are new to Open Pass and would like to find out about how it works, then please do give us a call on 01865 364537 or email and our friendly team will talk you through it.