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We offer several different ways in which you can partner with Open Pass.
We keep our pricing structure simple with a standard transaction fee making selling through Open Pass viable for B&B’s through to large hotel changes and the smallest of attractions to the largest of castles. Let us know how you’d like to partner with us by using the contact form on the right.


Ticket Sales

Open Pass is a platform for reaching new audiences and target markets. Commission rates are negotiable, varying from one distribution partner to another, so you can be flexible with what works for your organisation.

Open Pass charges a transaction fee of 5% of the value of each standard ticket sold.


Visitor Passes

Want to develop a Visitor Pass for your destination?

We will help get your members on board and provide all parties with online training of the system. We can also provide a mini site or help with making the pass part of your existing website. We can handle the branding for your pass, physical card production and in larger installations the integration with other systems to make Open Pass seamlessly part of your organisation.

Open Pass charges a fee of just £1 plus 5% of the sale value of the Pass.


Fully Integrated Web Shop

Our commitment to local tourism is something that we are very proud of – if your organisation need a simple and effective way of commercialising your attraction offer and generating income via third party ticket sales then speak to us about how we can help.
We can build you a web shop that impersonates your current website, allowing your customers to purchase attraction tickets from you in a seamless and trustworthy transaction.

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