Residents' and Membership Cards

Upgrade your Residents' Cards with Open Pass

Open Pass is the ideal tool for managing residents’ cards and other membership discount schemes.

Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing card or set up a new one, we can provide a comprehensive package that covers all aspects from a sales website and online customer account access to a complete sales management platform that is user-friendly and can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Open Pass is completely cloud based with apps and web portals giving users easy access via their browser, phone or tablet.

With Open Pass you can:

Open Pass provides the tools, website and support to make your card a success.

Open Pass Handles Everything...

This includes everything from set up and training, through to member accounts and admissions.


We deal with all aspects of launching a card from building a sales website to training and technical support for all parties involved

Always Online

Open Pass provides a mobile-friendly system for your customers, partners and attractions that can be accessed at any time

Complete Management System

Manage your sales, customers and attractions all in one place with the Open Pass dashboard

Maintenance, Support and Hosting

All hosting, support and maintenance of the software is included in your package with Open Pass

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