The Open Pass System

Increasing opportunities within the tourism industry

The Open Pass System is a ticket reselling platform that has been designed specifically to create opportunities within the tourism industry. The system can connect and sell any attraction’s tickets through our network of trade partners as well as grouping them together for multi-attraction passes.

Open Pass provides complete ticket management and a powerful booking system that underpins a number of guided tour products in the UK, including Discover Newmarket, Experience Oxfordshire and Rutherfords Punting Company.

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Whether it’s a traditional attraction entry or a timed departure for a tour, once a partner is working with us we can connect them to our trade partners with a click of a button.

For over a decade the Open Pass marketplace has continued to grow, connecting our attractions to global partners such as TripAdvisor and Expedia. Today we are proud to partner with some of the most successful multi-attraction passes across the UK.

Find out more about how we can help you to increase your options and your sales below:

Destination Passes

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Develop a Destination Pass with Us

Developing a destination pass has so many benefits, and with Open Pass it couldn’t be easier! We handle everything from contracts through to training and unlimited support. We can assist with pass branding and build a pass website for you too if required. Once a pass is set up the Open Pass system manages all aspects including bookings, admissions, invoicing and commission payments. It really is that simple!

For Attractions


Full ticketing platform and access to the Open Pass Marketplace

Make your tickets available from your frontdesk, online and through our marketplace with Open Pass. Manage and control your admissions from any place at any time. Access to the Open Pass marketplace offers your business a simple and effective way of putting your attraction in the shop window of our trade partners, who operate on multiple sales channels. 

For Tour Operators

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Manage your bookings with Open Pass

Open Pass provides a powerful tool for handling tour bookings and allocations. Our API can integrate with your website as well as third party partners, like online travel agents, providing a seamless solution for your business across multiple sales channels. Manage your sales and all financial aspects from statements to commissions all in one place.

For Trade Partners


Earn a premium commission rate from selling Open Pass tickets

Open Pass offers you access to the best-loved and most desirable bookable product in the UK, from historic houses to formal gardens, family activities and events.​ Enhance your customers’ experience by adding more bookable product to their itinerary, whilst earning more commission along the way.​ All with minimal hassle for you and your staff!

We wanted a booking system that allowed us to combine the intricacies of our Guided Tours product - allocating booking requests with our guides in a seamless fashion, with our member’s third-party ticket sales.

Open Pass provided us with the platform to offer sales online as well as replicating the ability to book the same products via an EPOS system in our Visitor Information Centre. Their support and training of members is invaluable to us as a membership organisation and the platform itself is an essential element in getting our product to market.