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Set up your own Pass:

  • Across a City

  • In a group of Museums

  • For your Society

  • For an Event

  • To Track Discounts

  • Across a City

  • In a group of Museums

  • For your Society

  • For an Event

  • To Track Discounts

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Open Pass

Passes are a great way to bring together attractions, museums, restaurants and shops. Open Pass gives you the tools to easily assemble one yourself. Define the Pass structure, who is on it, who can sell it and how the finances work. Get your members on board, whether they are a large attraction or a small restaurant we have the mobile apps, browser interface and integration to suit any range of size.

We take care of all your admin. From the setting up members with contracts through to remittance at the end of the month. You can concentrate on getting your Pass in the hands of the public, we will handle the rest.

Sell Passes

  • Online / In a Shop
  • At an Attraction
  • On a mobile

Track Usage

  • On a Browser
  • Using a Phone App
  • Seconds to record - no queuing

Balance the Books

  • Reimburse each member
  • Commission to any vendors
  • Full end of month wrap up

The Users

Partners, Members, Public

Open Pass benefits all, bringing business in and providing a great experience.

  • Sets up the Pass
  • Enrolls members on to the Pass
  • Allows businesses to sell the Pass
  • Tourist Information centers
  • A Society
  • Groups of Attractions
  • City Councils
  • National Parks
  • Event Organisers
  • Accepts Passes in
  • Records their usage
  • Attractions
  • Museums
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Transport
  • Activities
  • Present the Pass to any member
  • Benefit depending on Pass
  • Free Entry
  • Discounts
  • Fast Track queuing
  • Free Coffee
  • ...

One System, Many Passes?

From a simple city pass through to time limited entries to attractions across a whole country. You can set up Open Pass to match your customer base and make a product that works for the partners, members and public.

Whatever type of pass that you setup it has to appeal to the public. Even if it is a resident's card people will not buy it without good reason and benefit. For tourists wanting a 2 day city pass this is even more so and making sure that the correct attractions, discounts and activities are available at an attractive price is very important.

Here at Open Pass we have a wealth of experience of what type of passes work, how much they benefit members and what are agreements that need to be in place between members in order to make your pass a success.

  • 2 Day, any number of attractions
  • City card, discounts and free entry
  • Flexible start date
  • 6 Month discount Card
  • Two Tiers of Attraction
  • Time Limited Events


Passes uses


Different Types of Pass

50 Members

And Growing


Selling your Pass

The standard Open Pass package allows any Partner to sell their Passes as well as any member. This can be done using the Open Pass mobile application or on a browser. We also supply a website to help you market your Pass which takes card payments.

The Passes can be sold anywhere - the only restriction is that a participating shop must be able to activate them, either on a browser or using the Open Pass mobile app.

  • 1.
    Requirements taken - Pass system tailored to suit you
  • 2.
    Passes and system designed, procured and installed.
  • 3.
    Delivery of equipment and introductory training
  • 4.
    We provide technical telephone support and Attraction guides
  • 5.
    Regular e-shots with helpful hints and advice

How it Works

End to end processing of enquiry through to booking


QR codes can be scanned or entered into a browser device


Your own criteria, contracts, pricing & revenue


Using your logo's and imagery


Web sales, collections and deliveries of Passes including dispatch note


Money for your destination and your attractions

Live Data

See what is happening live across the system


£1 plus 5% per pass

Open Pass is £1 plus 5% of the sale value of the Pass.

Our aim is to make your Pass as successful as possible. We want Open Pass to be available to small organisations and individuals, not just large cities - hence our pricing structure.

We will help get your members on board and provide them and the partner with online training of the system. We can also provide a mini site or help with making the Pass part of your main website, do the branding for your pass, physical card production and in larger installations the integration with other systems to make Open Pass seamless to your organisation.

If you would like further help in setting up, training members, and integration then please contact sales@openpass.co.uk or 01865 364537.


Open Pass Team

We are a dedicated set of programers supporting tourism, no outsourcing, no delays.
Andrew Twigg
Founder and Designer. Converting business requirements into Cloud Systems.
Richie Fraser
Database developer - building and migrating data. Cambridge maths grad.
Gary Scutter
Web system developer, from simple HTML through .NET and server side code.
Donna Harris
Customer liaison, making sure the hard work is in line with the requirements.
Zack Demarco
User Interface and front end development, browser or mobile apps.
Beacon House, Stokenchurch Business Park, High Wycombe, HP14 3AQ