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Enhance your offer with access to the best-loved bookable products with Open Pass.

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At the core of our belief is that we should be increasing opportunities within the tourism industry.

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Designed specifically for the attraction industry, Open Pass connects attractions with distribution partners – and ultimately to the widest possible range of buyers – through our flexible cloud-based solution for selling and redeeming tickets, tours and multi-attraction passes.

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Our Story

Open Pass was built by TWG Systems who have been building internet applications covering a range of different industries since 2008. In 2012, with a focus on the tourism industry, the idea for Open Pass was born. Many attractions were struggling to sell beyond their immediate area and the software was designed to help them increase their sales channels.

The first attempt linked attractions to purchasers, such as hotels, and the software was named ‘Visit Concierge’. It turns out that lots of people can’t spell concierge so the name rapidly changed to ‘Your Visit’!

What had been built was a multiple admissions system from a single sale – it caught the eye of York Pass and the journey into multi-attraction passes had begun.

The software was renamed Open Pass.

York Pass Launch
Edinburgh City Pass-Original Design

Open Pass continued to grow over the years working with many attractions across the UK and establishing relationships with trade partners worldwide including some of the large global OTAs and hotel brands.

Open Pass’s portfolio of successful multi-attraction passes was also increasing with passes including the Edinburgh City Pass and the Shakespeare’s England Explorer Pass now onboard. Furthermore, Open Pass had evolved into a powerful tour booking system too and was now managing the tours for several DMOs including Visit Cambridge and Experience Oxfordshire.

In 2019 Open Pass issued over £8,000,000 of tickets.

After surviving the coronavirus pandemic and a difficult couple of years with the launch of several new passes, Open Pass was acquired by Ten Oceans in 2021. Ten Oceans had also invested in Attraction World Group and Dutch company Prioticket earlier that year.

Working closely with both sister companies Open Pass continues to expand into new cities and destinations across Europe and beyond.

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Meet the Open Pass Team

Within the Open Pass team, we have a wealth of experience in a range of industries including tourism, finance and software development.​ All of which combine to make us leaders in our field and the best placed people to help your business achieve its goals.​

Andrew Twigg

Andrew Twigg


Ghie Berry

Head of

Daniel Stepney

Senior Project

Jenny Roberts

Jenny Roberts


Gary Scutter


Adill Bashir

Adill Bashir

Technical Support & Development

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