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Multi-Attraction Passes

Build a bespoke multi-attraction pass with Open Pass – the leading destination pass platform.

Tickets, Tours & Admissions

Manage your sales, bookings and admissions with Open Pass’s flexible cloud-based solution.

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Trade Partners

Enhance your offer with access to the best-loved bookable products with Open Pass.

Sell Merlin Attraction Tickets with Open Pass

Register with Open Pass to unlock the full portfolio of Merlin attractions.

With the Open Pass portal you can sell to your guests at the point of sale, or at any time up to and during their visit. Manage all sales and commissions in our easy-to-use dashboard at any time and from anywhere.

Prefer not to process sales manually? Open Pass can provide you with access to a web shop allowing guests to purchase tickets from us whilst earning you a commission on the sales. The shop is accessed via your own unique QR code.

Not sure which option would suit you better? Have a look at our demo videos below. 

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SEA LIFE demo ticket

Open Pass: Sales Portal

Open Pass: Web Shop

Open Pass: Web Shop

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